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We can tell you all about the qualified staff and quality experience you will enjoy when you join the Life & Health Care family, but nothing says more about our level of commitment and professionalism than the words of our own clients in these Life & Health Care testimonials. As you consider the option of at-home care and what it has to offer your family and your loved one in need, please take a moment and read what some of our families are saying about our dedicated team members.

The following Life & Health Care reviews are excerpts from letters we have received from just a few of our satisfied clients. Their words graciously describe the quality of care you can expect to receive from Life & Health Care when you join our family. Whether you are looking for temporary at-home care for recovery from hospitalization or whether you need more long term at-home care for an aging or chronically ill loved one, the dedicated staff of Life & Health Care are committed to making your experience with us one worth sharing with others. We understand how valuable our clients are and want you to know that when you entrust your loved one to us, you are entrusting them not just to a company, but to a group of compassionate, committed individuals with a passion to care for others.

Don’t take our word for it as the following testimonials say it all. If you would like to submit your own testimonial, we would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback. Tell us about your experience with Life & Health Care by submitting your own Life & Health Care review today!

“Mona Everson from Life & Health Care provided care for my father during the 7 week period between his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and his death. I am honestly at a loss for words to describe what superb care we received. Caring for others is clearly a true calling for Mona. Her warm, calm, positive, seemingly unshakable personality is perfectly suited to be in the care-taking profession…

I believe her deep Christian faith adds a positive dimension to the care she provides.From the first meeting my parents and I had with Mona, through my father’s passing we were totally satisfied with Mona and her staff. They were caring, compassionate, helpful and very present when needed but also unobtrusive in giving private time for my Dad, family and visitors.

Mona is very organized and is proactive in working with doctors, hospice services, medical supplies and medication needs. It is hard to describe but she “intuitively” gets what is needed and calmly handles arising needs and varying personalities and emotions during this stressful and emotional time. I truly feel my dad received the absolute best care and was kept totally comfortable in every possible way because of the care he received.

When I think back to all the time, love, commitment and positive experiences my father provided for me in life, it gives me great peace to feel I was able to do the same for him at the end of his life. Mona truly helped make that happen. I would recommend Life & Health Care, Inc. to anyone.”

— Deb Curry

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“My husband and I were both discharged from the hospital the same day. I was fine, but my husband had many changes in his medication. It overwhelmed me. My children advised me to get help at home. I contacted Mona Everson and studied what Life and Healthcare had to offer that would help me the most. I needed a nurse who would help in setting up the schedule for his medication and be able to answer any questions we had…

It worked out very well and was just what we needed. What is so unique is that they cover so many other services, such as household chores, which I didn’t need, but it would have been available. I only required help for a month, but should the opportunity arise I would certainly use their service again.”

— LaVonne Draper

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“Mona and her staff have done a wonderful job caring for my mother so she is able to stay in her own home. Just the scheduling and organizing is a huge job. The most important aspect is the loving care they offer. My mother is treated with love and respect. My family is so grateful that there is this kind of quality help available. ”

— Catherine

“When my daughter confided in her beautician, Sue Erickson, that her father had terminal cancer and her mother was getting worn out trying to care for him at home, Sue said that she knew of a nurse that was starting up a new business that provided in home care for cancer patients. Sue suggested that we call Mona Everson to see if she had an opening. When my daughter told me about Mona, I told her to go ahead and call her and set up a meeting to see if she could help us out during this crisis…

My husband had cancer insurance and nursing home insurance, but he wanted to die at home, and he was getting weaker by the day. It was to the point that I couldn’t leave him at home alone and was afraid that I wasn’t doing things right. I had to call my children to help me figure out his medications and even help him get out of his chair. Everything got a hundred times worse when he had a feeding tube placed in his stomach. This is when Mona agreed to come into our home and provide her medical expertise. She was friendly, professional and truly caring.

Mona made my husband feel at ease from the start. I couldn’t have provided the quality of care for my husband that she and her staff provided to us. She sat down with me, my children and my husband and explained what she could do for us. She essentially guided us through the death process.

Mona would come to our home several times a day, she helped us figure out my husband’s medication; like how and when to administer them. She gave me her cell phone number and told me that she wanted me to call her with any concerns. Her staff helped me with some of the house work that I hadn’t been able to do because I had to be with my husband constantly towards the end of his life. I actually was able to get out of the house to get groceries for the first time in weeks. She urged me to take care of myself, as well as my husband. We felt more at ease when Mona was with us because we knew that she was providing a quality of care that we couldn’t have given him, even though we were trying our best.

Mona has a gentleness about her that was greatly appreciated. She sat with us most of the night as my husband was taking his last breaths. She eased his pain, as well as ours, by answering our questions concerning what happens to the human body as life draws to a close.

As the surviving spouse, I had a lot of forms to fill out. Mona provided support with some of the paper work and phone calls that I had to make during my husband’s illness and after my husband’s death. She even contacted me several times after my husband’s death to see how I was doing and offer her assistance if I needed it.

I would recommend calling Mona to anyone who needs this type of care. She is a special person and our family really liked her. She is great at what she does and a true professional.”

— Shirley Cross

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“There are times in your life when you have no place to turn. When you have realized the situation is beyond your comprehension and understanding. We were very much alone in the care of our Father/Husband as he was facing the end of his life due to terminal cancer…

The amount of personal care he needed was exhausting. The lack of knowledge in how to do feedings and dispensing of medicines and general care was upsetting.Our father was a very private man. He wanted to stay in his home where he was more comfortable and secure. He wanted to walk in his garden or sit in his big chair. It was a very difficult time for us. There were new health issues daily. We did not know how to cope with all the aspects of fathers care. On a particularly bad day, all I could ask was “Lord please help us!” There were questions and no good answers and the information we did get was vague.

As the cancer got worse, the care became more difficult. That “Lord, help us” moment came when Mona Everson came into our live. We initially contacted her to do private duty nursing. In the end, she was more than a nurse she was an angel. She had the most remarkable way with my father. In her own gentle was, she would talk to him and help him understand what was happening. She bathed and dressed him. She taught us how to do the “tube” feedings properly and how to address some physical problems. She was available every hour of the day. She would come as quickly as she could when called. We were so very grateful.

This next part is extremely personal for me. What Mona did for this family in the last 72 hours of my Dads life, I will forever be grateful to her for. She was there to help him be comfortable as possible as the pain increased. She stroked his forehead and talked gently to him. She gave my Mother and the rest of the family answers to our questions as the end of life process started. She encouraged us to do what we were comfortable doing. Maybe holding his hand, telling tales of old, or playing his favorite music. As his body began shutting down, Mona would explain what was happening and assure us it was just a normal part of the dying process. As this begins to happen, the one thing I realize is that Mona is present as much for my family as she is for my father.

She knew how important it was for my parents to reach their 60th anniversary. She helped make that possible, I believe, as my father died the next morning.

I would recommend Mona to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, caring, Christian nurse. Or if you need someone to help with end of life care. She has a vast nursing knowledge but she brings much more than her nursing knowledge to her patients, she also brings her gentle, kind, unselfish way to her patients and their family.”

— Vern Cross

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“The care you gave Bob was the greatest. I did not know such total care for patients existed in the nursing profession. Your devotion and patience at all times made it a very personal journey for me as I saw Bob being taken care of so completely. And, the fact that he finished his journey on earth without pain was remarkable, someone probably was looking out for him. Thank you for being his nurse at this sad time.”

— Laura Andrews

“There I was… a wife with a broken femur bone, and told she would be house-bound for five weeks!! What was I going to do-fixing meals, vacuuming, going for groceries, dusting, and then the real problems: helping her dress, shower, fixing her hair, and of course getting on those surgical hose!! Sure. I got plenty of casseroles from the church ladies and cards arrived by the dozens. My daughters helped out, but they have their lives also. I needed a break–I needed help…

One call and Life and Health Care arrived at my door. They sat down and evaluated what they could to help us. They set up our medication schedule for my wife – helped with exercising – helped with bathing and any problems that came . We decided to have them come three hours per day, 3 days per week, with the option to change the schedule as needed.

My wife was relieved of her fears that I could not do this alone and she felt better about having a health professional in the house to talk over certain medical situations.

We could have made it through without Life & Health Care Services, but because of them, it was possible for both of us to maintain a normal life style. Thank you Life and Health Care for your services. ”

— Max and Janet Sylvester

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